To Fluff a Pig

I had totally forgotten about them though as I thumbed through the cookbook. “To fluff a pig.” What? What the heck is fluffing a pig? I stopped thumbing and read the instructions. Then I remembered.

Dabs: “similar to fritters, only baked instead of fried”

This is the recipe that started it all! I was thumbing through one of the new cookbooks I bought when we were in Savannah, The Savannah Cook Book, by Harriet Ross Colquitt. As I was flipping pages, one of the ingredients had me laughing–1 Wine Glass of Milk. Now that’s my kind of recipe! The ingredient was in a recipe for Dabs. I had never heard of Dabs, but now I wanted to try making them! Notice the use of the word “receipt” instead of “recipe?” That is true Southern fashion! It’s a simple Read more […]